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Webinar on Nuclear Security Culture


Date and Time

Thursday, 30 September 2021

13:00, Vienna (Austria) Time

Duration: 2 hours

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Nuclear security culture is the assembly of characteristics, attitudes and behaviour of individuals,
organizations and institutions which serves as a means to support and enhance nuclear security. An appropriate nuclear security culture aims to ensure that the implementation of nuclear security measures receives the attention warranted by their significance.

Having a robust nuclear security culture and understanding the security risks associated with nuclear and other radioactive material and associated facilities is crucial for States’ effective national nuclear security regimes. Promotion of nuclear security culture and putting this concept into practice in all parts of a national nuclear security regime is crucial.

In March 2020, the IAEA released Nuclear Security Series No. 38-T Enhancing Nuclear Security Culture in Organizations Associated with Nuclear and Other Radioactive Material, to support Member States in strengthening nuclear security culture.


This webinar will elaborate on the nuclear security culture enhancement efforts of Member States, based on NSS publications. In addition, the recently published technical guidance document NSS No. 38-T will be introduced during the webinar.

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