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Webinar on Application of a Graded Approach for SMRs Site Evaluation


Image: NuSacle Power

Date and Time

Monday, 25 April 2022

14:30 Vienna, Austria time



The IAEA is finalizing in 2022  project on optimization of protection of nuclear installations for advanced reactors. The project addresses the application of a risk-informed and performance-based strategy which integrates site-installation interactions aimed to achieve an adequate defence in depth and design robustness against external hazards. This approach enables the application of a graded approach to site specific hazards characterization, thereby making the engineering effort more efficient and cost effective.


The objective of the IAEA project is to present challenges and benefits associated to optimization of protection against external hazards for advanced reactors, utilizing a risk informed and performance-based strategy (a) during design development and (b) during site evaluation and construction license application.

The purpose of this IAEA webinar is to:

  • provide an overview to interested stakeholders from industry and regulatory bodies of the outcomes of the application of a graded approach for site and design safety of SMRs, considering site-installation interactions.
  • Provide a discussion forum on this subject area and promote the holistic approach utilizing a risk- informed and performance-based process, which includes in site selection, site evaluation and design against external hazards for small modular reactors (SMRs).
  • Provide an overview of the other IAEA activities in this area.


Opening Remarks: Anna Bradford, Director of IAEA Division of Nuclear Installation Safety

Presentation of the Draft IAEA TECDOC on “Optimization of Protection Against External Hazards”:  Ovidiu Coman, IAEA Senior Nuclear Safety Officer

Presentation on Optimization of Protection Against External Hazards during Design Development: Dennis Henneke, Consulting Engineer in the Chief Engineer’s office of GE-Hitachi, USA

Presentation on Application of a Graded Approach for Conducting Site Specific Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment:  Aybars Gurpinar, External Consultant with the IAEA External Events Safety Section

Presentation on Regulatory Framework and Licensing Modernization Programme: Nilesh Chokshi, External Consultant with the IAEA External Events Safety Section

Panel discussion on Challenges and benefits related to application of a graded approach supported by a risk informed and performance based strategy



Ovidiu Coman, Senior Nuclear Safety Officer, Division of Nuclear Installation Safety, Department of Nuclear Safety and Security, IAEA

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