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Regional Webinar for ASEAN Countries on Nuclear Security Detection Architecture Strategy, Design and Planning


Date and Time

Tuesday, 13 July 2021

09:30 Vienna, Austria time

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Nuclear security seeks to prevent, detect and respond to criminal and intentional unauthorized acts involving or directed at nuclear and other radioactive material, associated facilities and associated activities. The Nuclear Security Detection Architecture (NSDA) of a State is the integrated set of nuclear security systems and measures, based on an appropriate legal and regulatory framework, needed to implement a national strategy for the detection of material out of regulatory control (MORC).

To enable States to establish or enhance their NSDA and response frameworks, a clearly defined process for design and planning is needed to ensure this is done in a structured and integrated manner.

Development of a multilayered and risk informed approach to plan, design and implement nuclear security systems and measures that incorporate the concept of defense-in-depth is critical. The expected outputs of the planning process include a design plan and strategy which, through cooperation and coordination among various competent authorities and other stakeholders, can result in a more effective use of resources and capabilities.


The objectives of the webinar are:

  • To provide an overview of an integrated planning process for the development of a NSDA
  • To share the experience of ASEAN countries in developing risk-informed national detection architecture strategies and design plans

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