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Radon management in buildings: applied research on building characterization and protection

25 April 2018

Recorded broadcast →

Presenter: Bernard Collignan
Date of broadcast: 25 April 2018, 4 pm CEST
Organized jointly with the European Radon Association (ERA)

About the webinar

Reducing indoor radon exposure is a public health challenge in many countries. Understanding indoor radon exposure is crucial to reach this goal, as it enables the installation of corrective measures adapted to both the initial exposure level and the buildings’ characteristics and use.
After a short presentation on the principles of building protection, this webinar will present some recent research results.

These results will include:

  • A summary of a method to characterize indoor radon exposure in buildings that is quicker than the classical method of using a passive dosimeter with a two-month measurement period during the heating season; and
  • Some test results on feasibility of soil depressurization systems (SDS) and dimension parameters for their installation to protect new and existing buildings.

Learning objectives

The webinar teaches participants about:

  1. Radon management in buildings
  2. Ways to characterize radon exposure in indoor environments
  3. Effective building protection solutions

About the presenter

Bernard Collignan is a Senior Scientist in the field of Indoor Air Quality at the Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment in France. His works include the development and design of solutions to protect buildings from gaseous pollutants from the ground and the development of methods to study the transfer of soil gaseous pollutants to indoor environments for the characterization of indoor exposures. He is a member of the executive committee of European Radon Association and different national committees on radon and polluted land management. He has participated in different national and European research programs (ERRICCA 2, RADPAR) in these domains.

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