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Radon in groundwater

12 December 2018

Recorded broadcast →

Presenter: Michael E. Kitto 
Date of broadcast: 12 December 2018, 4 pm CET
Organized jointly with the World Health Organization (WHO)

About the webinar

This webinar will introduce the many aspects surrounding radon gas in groundwater, which contributes to radon levels in air by dissipating during routine water use such as laundry, bathing, and cleaning. 

Continuous radon monitors can be used to determine the amount how much of indoor radon originates from groundwater.  Michael E. Kitto, a radon expert from the United States, will present examples of such monitoring and highlight the importance of measuring radon in groundwater.

Radon easily emanates from water; therefore, special precautions are needed when collecting, transferring and measuring samples. The webinar will show how to collect a groundwater sample for radon analysis. It will also present the results of three intercomparisons of diverse radon levels in water samples and describe how these were measured, transferred and analyzed for accurate results. 

The webinar will conclude with a brief overview of remediation options that use mitigation technologies to minimize human exposure to radon from groundwater. 

Learning objectives

During the webinar, participants will learn about:

  • Radon in indoor air due to household water use
  • How to collect a water sample
  • How to measure radon in water
  • Remediation practices

About the presenter

Michael E. Kitto worked for 31 years as a research scientist for the State of New York (USA) Department of Health Laboratories and as Assistant Professor at the University of Albany. He is chairman of a national committee that is currently developing protocols regarding proper collection and measurement of radon in groundwater, and he now works on a project to examine radon exposure in multi-family housing. He is the author of 50 scientific publications.

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