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Radiation safety of consumer products

19 October 2020

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Presenters: Olga German (IAEA), Frans van de Put (Netherlands), Edward Lazo (OECD-NEA)
Date of broadcast: 30 November 2020, 10:00 AM CET

About the webinar

What are consumer products by the definition of the IAEA and where are they utilised? How is the safety of consumer products assured? How can regulatory bodies set the system for radiation safety of consumer products?

These and other questions related to radiation safety of consumer products will be answered during the webinar.  

Global market conditions, including internet sales, make it challenging for the radiation safety authorities to follow the movement of these goods around the world and   this concern necessitates a harmonised approach in the regulatory control of consumer products.

Special attention is needed for the justification and approval of the manufacturing of consumer products, ensuring that only justified and approved goods are made available to the public.

Ensuring the radiation safety of consumer products is the focus of the IAEA Safety Guide on this subject, SSG-36 Radiation Safety for Consumer Products. Olga German, an IAEA expert, will introduce you to the safety requirements that apply to these areas.

This guidance document was co-sponsored by the Organization for Economic Co-operation Nuclear Energy Agency (OECD-NEA), interested in economic development of the Member States and ensuring radiation safety of this development in areas related to the utilisation of ionising radiation and nuclear applications.

An expert from the Netherlands will also explain the main features of different technologies used for this purpose and share experiences of implementing safety requirements when dealing with the safety of consumer products.

Learning objectives

During the webinar, participants will:

  • Learn about relevant safety requirements and principles for regulating the manufacture and use of consumer products.
  • Gain an understanding about technologies utilized and their features.
  • Learn about national experiences in applying safety requirements when dealing consumer products.

About the presenter

Frans van de Put

Frans van de Put has a PhD in Biochemistry. He has over 10 years of research experience in this field of specialisation and is a full-time radiation protection expert, who has worked as a radiation protection advisor and consultant in the Netherlands and Belgium. Dr. van de Put joined the Dutch Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (ANVS) in 2016 as a senior advisor. He has been a member of the Group of Scientific Experts referred to in Article 31 of the Euratom Treaty since 2018 and is also the Dutch representative on the IAEA’s Radiation Safety Standards Committee (RASSC).

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