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Radiation protection optimization in industrial radiography

14 April 2021

Date and Time

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

11:00, Vienna, Austria time

Moderators: Joseph K. Amoako (AFAN), Jizeng Ma (IAEA)

Presenters: Richard Van Sonsbeek (Netherland), Irena Petrová (IAEA)

Recording →

About the Webinar

This webinar is a joint webinar organized by IAEA and African Alara Network (AFAN). In this webinar, the IAEA and international expert will discuss the practical implementation of radiation protection optimization in industrial radiograph and introduce the IAEA Information System on Occupational Exposure in Medicine, Industry and Research in Industrial Radiography (ISEMIR-IR) and the IAEA global survey on ISEMIR-IR in 2020. If the safety procedures are not followed, training and supervision is inadequate, or the failure in the radiography equipment, then industrial radiographer can be exposed to significant radiological health hazards during the difficult working conditions at industrial sites.

IAEA Safety Standards (GSR Part 3) establishes the requirements on the administration of industrial radiography equipment and occupational radiation protection, and IAEA Safety Standards (GSG-7) sets out the guidance on occupational radiation protection of workers from harmful effects of ionizing radiation. IAEA Safety Standards (SSG-11) Radiation Safety in Industrial Radiography provides guidance on how industrial radiography work should be carried out to ensure that the number of people exposed to radiation and their dose are kept as low as reasonably achievable, and helps to prevent incidents or to mitigate their consequences.

The main source of occupational exposure for industrial radiography is by external exposure from the equipment’s source. Management commitment to radiation safety, qualification of radiographers, maintenance program of industrial radiography equipment, time allocated for the preparation, availability of protective equipment and ergonomic circumstances at the site should be organizationally considered.

In October 2020, IAEA launched a global survey on industrial radiography with the aim to strengthen the safety of workers in industrial radiography and determine the best course of action of improve the ISEMIR-IR system and to meet the needs of users, such as non-destructive testing (NDT) service provides.

Learning objectives

Participants of the webinar will learn about:

  • Factors to be considered for the optimization of radiation protection
  • Operation and radiation protection strategies
  • Organization procedures and management programs of industrial radiography
  • Learn about benefits and functionalities of the ISEMIR-IR system
  • Initial results of the global survey on ISEMIR-IR in 2020

About the presenter

Richard van Sonsbeek

After studying Applied Physics at Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands,  and doing research on the use of liquid xenon as detection medium for gamma rays, Mr van Sonsbeekworked for 20 years at Applus RTD, which is one of the major NDT-companies in the World. He worked 12 years as manager of the business unit Radiation Protection Services and more than 8 years as Global QHSE manager. In the meantime, Mr van Sonsbeek completed an MSc and an MBA in Business Administration as well as University level courses on radiation protection. Since 2000, he has been involved in several international projects on radiation protection in industrial radiography for the IAEA, as lecturer, consultant and reviewer. He also has been Chairman of the Working Group on Industrial Radiography of ISEMIR.

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