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Indian Groundnut

News Article
13 February 2007

Under IAEA/RCA Project RAS/5/40, in India, the total mutant series of TAG groundnut varieties (in the last 10 years, 10 varieties) has increasing success.

TAG24 is the most popular, TAG38 the most recent mutant groundnut variety (2006). 45% of breeders' seeds are TAG varieties, mostly TAG24.

Through the IAEA/RCA Project RAS/5/40, more than 20 new mutant varieties were developed and officially released and numerous mutants were generated (among them are groundnut mutants of seed size, color and plant height).

The total domestic seed sales were of 132,000 tons, covering acreage of 6,600,000 ha. There is neither seed export nor import. Thus, under the assumption that 45% Breeders' Seeds is roughly equivalent to 45% of Foundation Seeds - Certified Seeds - Domestic Seed Sales, one might infer that the TAG series covers now roughly an acreage of 45% (2,970,000 ha).

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