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High Quality Mutant Rice Varieties Widely Grown in Viet Nam

News Article
23 April 2007

Mutant rice variety VND95-20 with high quality and tolerance to salinity became the key rice variety for export in 2005 ( 28% of the one million ha export rice area in the Mekong Delta).

For the "significant socio-economic contribution" of this variety to Viet Nam, the local counterpart received - a first in the history of this highest national prize - the "National Prize of Science and Technology of Viet Nam".

Eight new high quality rice mutant varieties have been developed and adopted by farmers in Viet Nam, where rice export is one of their main revenues.

Mutant rice variety VND99-3, registered as a national variety with quality for export, is of short duration (100 days), meaning three rice harvests per year in the Mekong Delta.

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