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Hardy Crops in Harsh Environments

News Article
18 July 2006

One of the success stories in the use of induced mutations by a national agricultural research system in collaboration with the Agency's Plant Breeding and Genetics programme: Peru.

The tip of the Iceberg

Agency support since 1978: establishment of Tissue Culture, Molecular Biology and Grain Quality laboratories and build up of well-qualified personnel producing the reported good results.

In recognition for the socio-economic impact of the im-proved barley mutant varieties, the Peruvian government has awarded the 2006 Prize of "Good Governmental Practices" to the principal counterpart.

Mutant Varieties:
- highland barley
- altered grain colour kiwicha (Amaranthus caudata)
- salt tolerant kiwicha
- saponin rich Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa) for bioremediation after mining activities
- dwarf, early maturing and improved Amazon rice

Barley mutant variety 'UNA LaMolina 95' at 5000 m: Yield - 2.1 t/ha, released by Cereals Programme, Agriculture University LaMolina, Lima, Peru.

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