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Dosimetry Codes of Practice and Worksheets


One of the main tasks of the IAEA Dosimetry and Medical Radiation Physics Section is the development of Codes of Practice, or protocols, for the dosimetry of external beams used in radiotherapy. The first publication of this type was in 1970, a Manual of Dosimetry in Radiotherapy (TRS-110).

The published version of the newest Code of Practice, Absorbed Dose Determination in External Beam Radiotherapy: An International Code of Practice for Dosimetry based on Standards of Absorbed Dose to Water (TRS-398) .A link to the worksheets is provided at the bottom of this page.

The development of primary standards of absorbed dose to water for high-energy photons and electrons offers the possibility of reducing the uncertainty in the dosimetry of radiotherapy beams. Many standard laboratories already provide calibrations at the radiation quality of 60Co gamma-rays. Some laboratories have extended calibrations to high-energy photon and electron beams or are in the stage of developing the necessary techniques for these modalities. This new Code of Practice based on standards of absorbed dose to water has been developed for the dosimetry of radiotherapy beams when ionization chambers calibrated using these standards are available. This Code of Practice is endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the European Society of Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ESTRO)

A Code of Practice for radiotherapy dosimetry entitled The Use of Plane-Parallel Ionization Chambers in High-Energy Electron and Photon Beams (TRS-381) was published in 1997 to update TRS-277 and complement it in the field of parallel-plate ionization chambers. A link to the worksheets is provided at the bottom of this page

In 1987 the IAEA published a Code of Practice for Absorbed Dose Determination in Photon and Electron Beams (TRS-277), with a second edition in 1997 updating the dosimetry of photon beams, mainly kilovoltage x-rays. A link to the worksheets is provided at the bottom of this page.

Worksheets. The links provided below will download compressed files (zip) containing Worksheets in MS Excel for the IAEA Codes of Practice for dose determination with therapeutic beams TRS-398, TRS-381 and TRS-277.

DISCLAIMER. These worksheets are provided for the convenience of the user in calculating dosimetry for external beam radiotherapy. Invalid entries can lead to computational errors. In creating these worksheets, every effort has been made to create conditions that minimize input errors. The IAEA assumes no responsibility for user-calculated results, or for the impact of such upon dose determination.

Worksheets for the IAEA Code of Practice TRS-398 based on standards of absorbed dose to water (version 1.06)

Worksheets for the IAEA Code of Practice TRS-381 for plane-parallel ionization chambers

Worksheets for the IAEA Code of Practice TRS-277 for low and medium energy X-ray beams (TRS-277X) and high energy photon beams (TRS-277F)

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