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(Virtual Event) International Conference on Molecular Imaging and Clinical PET–CT in the Era of Theranostics (IPET-2020)

The conference will review important clinical aspects and appropriate use of medical imaging in the management of patients with Prostate, Breast, Lung, NET, Thyroid, Lymphoma, and Paediatric cancers. It will have the following specific objectives:

  • To review the important clinical aspects of the above-mentioned pathologies, and evaluate the role of streamlined and emerging multimodality imaging techniques in providing best practices in clinical management;
  • To evaluate, using a clinical systems-based approach, the current status of clinical positron emission tomography–computed tomography (PET–CT) and other relevant imaging modalities;
  • To evaluate how the integration of diagnostic molecular imaging and radionuclide therapies is key to developing personalized medicine;
  • To improve the performance of clinical practice through ‘read with the experts’ sessions and discussions;
  • To interact with the user community (nuclear physicians, radiologists, oncologists, radiation oncologists, technologists, radiographers, radiopharmacists, radiochemists, medical physicists and other scientists working in all aspects of molecular imaging) and provide them with the most important information in the field;
  • To provide theoretical tools on ethics, leadership and education which will prepare participants to become the future leaders of medical imaging;
  • To exchange information in the field of radiopharmaceutical sciences; and
  • To identify challenges and trends and to define the role of the IAEA and other international organizations in supporting Member States.

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