Nuclear Security

Vol. 61-1

February 2020

The IAEA’s International Conference on Nuclear Security: Sustaining and Strengthening Efforts to be held from 10–14 February 2020 is an important opportunity for ministers, policymakers, senior officials and experts to discuss current approaches and priorities for nuclear security. This edition of the IAEA Bulletin provides an overview of our work in this field. 

Securing our nuclear world

Where can you find nuclear security systems and measures?

Enhancing nuclear security in Senegal

A foundation for the future

Graduates reflect on the International School on Nuclear Security

China’s Nuclear Security Technology Centre supports international training efforts

Encouraging women to take a stronger role in nuclear security

A catalyst for change

Integrating nuclear security at major public events

A moving target

Nuclear security during transport

The case for nuclear forensics to strengthen nuclear security internationally

Equipped and ready to detect

Technology for nuclear security

Incident and Trafficking Database

Combating illicit trafficking of radioactive materials for 25 years

Nuclear security: From securing one nuclear facility to securing the nation

The enduring imperative of nuclear security

IAEA’s Grossi at COP 25: More nuclear power needed for clean energy transition

Sudan looks to nuclear technology to double farmers’ income and grow peanut exports

Second shipment of low enriched uranium completes IAEA LEU Bank

New collaborative portal provides one-stop-shop access to isotope hydrology resources


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