The Best and Brightest

Vol. 43-1

March 2001

The March 2001 IAEA Bulletin edition focuses on education and training of human resources in nuclear fields. The IAEA provides material, documents, programmes, and trainings for this purpose. Featured articles report on education and training in nuclear safety, in radioactive waste management, in nuclear installations decommissioning, in non-destructive testing, and for the IAEA International Safeguards Inspectorate. The IAEA helps provide nuclear reactors simulators for educational purposes. The supply of future workforce is a cause for concern in several countries, including in the USA where the state supports nuclear engineering education.

The Best and Brightest

Targeted Initiatives

Building Competence

Demonstrating Practical Solutions

Strengthening Frameworks

Classroom Simulators

A Multi-Stage Process

Industry's Indispensable Tools

Paths To Lifelong Learning

Challenging Curriculum

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