Safeguards in transition

Vol. 36-3

September 1994

The September 1994 IAEA Bulletin edition presents some thoughts and perspectives on the main challenges, opportunities, and recent developments of IAEA safeguards, addressed during this year’s IAEA symposium on international safeguards. Featured articles focus on the symposium, on Iraq, South America, and on environmental monitoring. This edition also reports on the Convention on Nuclear Safety, recently adopted by 84 countries, and on how the Joint FAO/IAEA Division has supported African countries to fight rinderpest.

Safeguards in transition: Status, challenges, and opportunities

IAEA symposium on international safeguards: Mirror of the times

Environmental monitoring & safeguards: Reinforcing analytical capabilities

Nuclear inspections in Iraq: Removing final stocks of irradiated fuel

Nuclear co-operation in South America: The Brazilian-Argentine common system of safeguards

International convention on nuclear safety: A legal milestone

Nuclear techniques for food and agricultural development: 1964-94

Animal health: Supporting Africa's campaign against rinderpest

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