Seeds of Development

Vol. 34-4

December 1992

This article reviews the joint FAO/IAEA program to eradicate the New World Screwworm from Libya. The sterile insect technique was employed, and the success of the program is shown by the fact that Libya was declared free of the parasite in June 1992: the eradication program was thus completed in one year instead of two at a total cost of US $66.6 million. An independent study on the economic impact of the screwworm in North Africa put the annual regional benefit of eradication at more than US $300 million

Nuclear techniques and sustainable agricultural development

Transferring technologies for agricultural development in the Third World

Eradicating the New World Screwworm from the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Plant breeding: Induced mutation technology for crop improvement

Animal health: Global support for diagnosing infectious diseases

Foodborne disease and the preventive role of food irradiation

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