Chemicals for agriculture

Vol. 26-2

June 1984

Agricultural production relies heavily on man-made chemicals used as fertilizers and pesticides, and to regulate plant growth. Pesticides are released intentionally into the environment to control insects, weeds, plant diseases and other pests that affect crop or animal production, as well as to control insects that spread human diseases. Pesticides have a well-established role in agriculture and public health. The benefits of their use in terms of economic returns and of improved human health and well-being have led to the rapid world-wide adoption of this chemical technology

Twenty years' collaboration in R and D for food and agricultural development

Animal production and health

Chemicals for agriculture

Food irradiation makes progress

Atoms for pest control

Better cultivars - more food

Enhancing biological nitrogen fixation

Effective utilization and management of research reactors

Isotope hydrology in water resources development Description:

Practical experience in the application of Quality Control in water-reactor fuel fabrication Description:

Site investigation techniques and assessment methods for underground disposal of radioactive wastes Description:

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