An overview of the Nuclear Safety Standards (NUSS) programme

Vol. 21-2

April 1979

Progress to date and plans: In the five major topic areas (governmental organization, siting, design, operation and quality assurance), the Codes of Practice and a number of the guides have now been completed, and work is in progress on the remaining safety guides. About 10 of these safety guides are expected to be published each year. By 1982 the envisaged set of codes and guides will be complete. The use of the codes and guides in establishing national regulations and international standards will be promoted through the preparation of manuals for their application and through agency participation in national and international meetings

Nuclear power in developing countries. The transfer of regulatory capability

An overview of the Nuclear Safety Standards (NUSS) programme

Uranium Exploration in Developing Countries Facts and Trends

Applications of Isotopes and Radiation in Agriculture

Technical co-operation and the developing world

INIS and AGRIS - Their use and potential in developing countries

Expansion planning for electric power systems

The International Centre for Theoretical Physics. Physics and the developing countries

Practical implications of the ICRP recommendations (1977) and the revised IAEA basic safety standards for radiation protection

Manpower requirements and development for nuclear power programmes

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