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Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage (CSC) - Calculating with the on-line calculator

First, select the country(ies) in the "Countries" list, then click on "Add selected countries" to include them in the right-hand list of "Countries selected for the scenario". When all the countries you wish to include in your scenario are listed in the right-hand field, click on "Calculate".

Optional: click on "Add all IAEA Member States" to include all the Member States in the right-hand field.

To remove entries from the list of "Countries selected for the scenario": select the relevant country(ies) and then click on "Remove".

How to use this calculator

To use the calculator simply follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Select those countries that you wish to include in a given scenario from the left-hand column list . Note that individual or multiple selections can be made by simply clicking on a country and holding down the control key.

Step 2:

Now that you have selected the country(ies), you can include them in the list of countries entitled "Countries selected for the scenario" right-hand column list, by simply clicking the "Add selected" button. Note that the selected country(ies) will now be removed from the left-hand column and to the right hand-column list.

Note that if you want to run a scenario involving all IAEA Member States you do not need to follow Step 1 or the instructions above but rather simply click the "Add IAEA" button, which automatically includes all those countries into the "Countries selected for the scenario" list. Individual or multiple country(ies) may also be deleted from the "Countries selected for the scenario" list, by highlighting those country(ies) and clicking the "Remove selected" button.

Step 3:

Since there is no cap on contribution to the international fund of the Installation State (see Background for further information), a new feature of the online calculator is to identify the Installation State (i.e. the State of the liable operator) for the scenario. To do this, highlight one of the selected country(ies) for the scenario and then click the “Installation State” button.

Step 4:

Now that you have finished the selection of country(ies) including the Installation State, click the "Calculate" button.

If your selection is correct you will be taken to the "Scenario Results" page. An Excel spreadsheet of the scenario can be downloaded from that page.

Step 5:

A new feature of the online calculator enables you to change the Installed Nuclear Power (MWth) of the countries you have selected for a particular scenario. This would enable you for example to calculate the contributions based upon a planned nuclear power programme in a selected country. To do this, simply change the MWth entries accordingly and press “Adjust Scenario”. This will return you to the page with the "Calculate" button identified above in Step 4. Simply click this "Calculate" button and you will now be provided with the updated calculations based on the MWth entries that you changed.

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