Establishment of Material Properties Database for Irradiated Core Structural Components for Continued Safe Operation and Lifetime Extension of Ageing Research Reactors

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Project Type

Coordinated Research Project

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Approved Date

13 December 2012


3 - Active - Ongoing

Start Date

3 July 2013

Expected End Date

3 July 2018

Completed Date

15 May 2017

Participating Countries

Republic of Korea
Russian Federation
South Africa
United States of America


The proposed CRP will provide a forum for the establishment of a material properties Database for irradiated core structural components. A structured Database is required to understand the material behaviours in core components of research reactors for their continued safe operation and lifetime extension of ageing research reactors. This Database can be used by research reactor operators and regulators to help predict ageing related degradation. This would be useful to minimize unpredicted failures of core components and to mitigate lengthy and costly shutdowns. The Database will be a compilation of data from research reactor operator input, comprehensive literature reviews and experimental data from research reactor. The Database will be provided to all potential end users of Member States. Moreover, the CRP will specify further activities needed to address the identified data gaps of the Database for potential follow-on activities required by Member States.


To collect, review and assess existing data of the relevant materials properties and operating experience with research reactors worldwide for inclusion in a Research Reactor Components and Material Properties Database that can be used by research reactor operators to help predict ageing related degradation in order to avoid lengthy and costly shutdowns, and to promote safe and reliable operation and lifetime extension.

Specific objectives

To obtain the data on relevant material properties and operating experience from research reactors; 2. To collect and revise materials’ data through comprehensive literature reviews;3. To evaluate and identify the data gaps;4. To compile an evaluated, reviewed and assessed database that can be used for sharing relevant information among interested Member States, that will establish a rational basis for research reactor material evaluation, and that will provide a structure for future incorporation of new data as it becomes available;5.   To specify further activities needed to address the identified data gaps of the database for potential follow-on activities by the IAEA;6.   To produce an IAEA publication that provides relevant information to users of the database.

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