Coordinated Research Projects – Nuclear safety and security

Advancing Maintenance, Repair, and Calibration of Radiation Detection Equipment

Coordinated Research Project ¦ December 2018 ¦ CRP Code: J02014 ¦ Active - Ongoing

Applied Radioecological Tracers to Assess Coastal and Marine Ecosystem Health

Coordinated Research Project ¦ June 2018 ¦ CRP Code: K41019 ¦ Active - Ongoing

Applying Nuclear Forensic Science to Respond to a Nuclear Security Event

Coordinated Research Project ¦ March 2018 ¦ CRP Code: J02013 ¦ Active - Ongoing

Advancing Radiation Detection Equipment for Detecting Nuclear and Other Radioactive out of Material Out of Regulatory Control

Coordinated Research Project ¦ September 2016 ¦ CRP Code: J02012 ¦ Active - Ongoing

Preventive and Protective Measures Against Insider Threats at Nuclear Facilities

Coordinated Research Project ¦ July 2016 ¦ CRP Code: J02010 ¦ Active - Ongoing

Improving the Security of Radioactive Material throughout its Lifecycle, Associated Facilities, and Associated Activities

Coordinated Research Project ¦ April 2016 ¦ CRP Code: J02011 ¦ Active - Ongoing

Increasing NPP Performance through Process-oriented Knowledge Management Approach

Coordinated Research Project ¦ June 2010 ¦ CRP Code: L53002 ¦ Active - Ongoing

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