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Food Irradiation - Technology, Applications and Good Practices


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  This course was produced as an output of the Technical Cooperation Project RAS 5057: “Implementing Best Practices of Food Irradiation for Sanitary and Phytosanitary Purposes”. It was designed for different types of audiences, ranging from members of the general public interested in scientific and technical information about the basics of the food irradiation process to academics, regulators, users of the process and operators of irradiation facilities who may use this course as training material. The number of lessons offered depends on the selected category. Taking all the lessons will prepare for compliance to international standards such as ISO 14470.This course is provided free of charge and is meant for self-study. There are no pre-requirements for accessing the course. Accessing this resource only requires self-registering for this platform. The project strives to provide constant update and the addition of resources. 

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