Learning and training

The IAEA offers a wide spectrum of learning and training activities, as well as educational resources and capacity-building programmes. These include face-to-face training courses and workshops, fellowship programmes and schools on various nuclear-related topics. The IAEA also offers more than 120 online learning courses and webinars, from beginner to expert level, which can be accessed after registering with the Agency’s Nucleus portal (registration and login accessible when choosing a specific online course).


An Atlas of Interesting Nuclear Medicine Cases

The E-Learning in Nuclear Medicine was developed by the Asian School of Nuclear Medicine (ASNM) through the TC regional project, RAS/0/047 to respond to the need for continuing education of physicians, technologists and other allied professionals working in Nuclear Medicine. ASNM is the collabora


Analytical Methods to Detect and Control Organic Contaminants in food

This e-Learning course covers the topics such as Overview of Organic Contaminants in food, Overview of Sample preparation options, Overview of Analytical Instrumentation, Planning, Method development and validation, QAQC, PT, Quantitative, Reporting.Duration: ~40 Hours | Interactivity: Self-direc


Asia-Pacific Radiation Oncology Network (ASPRONET)

  This course contains a collection of cases discussed in the Asia-Pacific Radiation Oncology Network (ASPRONET), a regional multidisciplinary Virtual Tumour Board organized under RAS6096.


Atomistic Modelling of Radiation Damage in Nuclear Systems

The atomistic modelling of radiation damage in nuclear material involves simulating the smallest constituent parts of reactor materials and their interactions with energetic neutrons and, in the case of fusion energy research, plasma in the form of free atoms, molecules and ions.This course provi


Basic concepts: Nuclear material accounting in facilities

The eLearning modules presented in this course cover basic concepts in nuclear material accounting (NMA) for facilities, LOF’s and Pre-34C material balance areas.   After completing these modules you will be able to correctly fill an Inventory Change Report, Physical Inventory Listing and a Mater


Basic Training Course on IAEA Safeguards

Course Objective:The objective of this online training course is to provide you with a basic understanding of IAEA Safeguards  and give you an overview of the resources that are available for States to strengthen the safeguards implementation in their countries. First released in September 2020.A


Basics of Stakeholder Involvement: Understanding Stakeholder Involvement as a Strategic Tool for a Nuclear Power Programme

This webinar is the first of the IAEA Webinar Series on stakeholder involvement related to nuclear power.


Boiling Water Reactors: An Introduction to History, Advanced Designs, and Global Deployment

This module introduces the history, advanced designs, and global deployment of boiling water reactors.AVAILABLE IN ADDITIONAL UN LANGUAGESTarget audience: Young professionals, stakeholders, and new entrants to the area.


Capacitacion Nacional sobre Control Regulador de la Radioterapia para la Direcccion de Tecnologia Nuclear de Bolivia, 2023

El propósito de la capacitación es presentar mejores prácticas internacionales que se utilizan en la regulación de seguridad radiológica y de seguridad física de la práctica de radioterapia considerando los equipos y técnicas de tratamiento existentes en este país.

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