The safe and effective use of nuclear techniques requires reliable instrumentation for measurement, diagnostic and control. Advanced nuclear instrumentation is used for many sophisticated applications, such as precision imaging systems for medical diagnostics, remote sensors for environmental safety or the probing and manufacturing of the most modern materials.

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    X ray spectrometry

    Techniques based on X ray spectrometry are used as analytical tools to characterize different kinds of materials with applications in various fields. The IAEA helps Member States develop their capacity to utilize such techniques in scientific research and technological applications. Read more →

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    Mobile instrumentation

    The miniaturization of computers makes it increasingly possible to use mobile instruments to detect and measure radiation. The IAEA supports its Member States in deploying such technology in real world situations, such as earthquake disaster zones or mining areas. Mobile instruments can also be used to study historical artefacts. Read more →

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    Data control

    The key to effective instrumentation is the development of sensors that can measure or control the environment and share information among people, benefitting society by helping to pool knowledge and improve safety. The IAEA works with its partners on issues related to data acquisition, control and transmission. Read more →


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