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Application of a Graded Approach in Regulating Nuclear Facilities

Date and time

Wednesday, 16 September 2020
15:00-16:15 Vienna, Austria time

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Graded approach is defined by the IAEA Safety Glossary as a process or method in which the stringency of the control measures and conditions to be applied is commensurate, to the extent practicable, with the likelihood and possible consequences of, and the level of risk associated with, a loss of control . The use of a graded approach is intended to ensure that the necessary levels of analysis, documentation and actions are commensurate with the magnitudes of any radiological hazards and non-radiological hazards, the nature and the particular characteristics of a facility, and the stage in the lifetime of a facility.

Lessons learned from IAEA Integrated Regulatory Review Service missions highlighted that the understanding and application of a graded approach process differs across Member States and resulted in varied recommendations or suggestions in most peer reviews. In addition, Member States have also stated that they are still experiencing difficulties in applying graded approach in a systematic and documented way, within their organizations. This webinar will seek to give guidance by covering a high-level overarching methodology on the application of a graded approach in regulating nuclear installations for all regulatory functions. Experienced regulators from around the world will also provide practical examples on the application of a graded approach on the topics of review and assessment, authorization, enforcement, and inspection at nuclear facilities.


Douglass Miller, Lead Technical Advisor, Directorate of Regulatory Improvement and Major Projects Management, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. Canada
Mohammad Qayyum, Director General, Technical, Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority, Pakistan
Daniel Merzke, Executive Technical Assistant, Senior Reactor Operations Engineer, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, United States
Ryan Maitland, Principal Inspector – Technical assistant to Chief Inspector, Office for Nuclear Regulation, United Kingdom


Miguel Santini, IAEA
Sergio Miranda, IAEA

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