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IAEA, US and UK Discuss Libya


IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei met today with US Under Secretary, Arms Control and International Security, John Bolton and his UK counterpart, William Ehrman to coordinate their respective efforts in implementing Libya's decision to abandon any nuclear weapons related program and activities.

Dr. ElBaradei called the meeting "constructive" and indicated that the sides had "reached agreement on what needs to be done." As far as the IAEA is concerned, he said "The Agency’s role is very clear. We will perform our verification responsibilities under the NPT, while the UK and USA will undertake, in this regard, certain logistical activities, particularly with regard to the movement of equipment, material and other sensitive items outside the country. Verification and logistical work need to be performed in a coordinated manner and the meeting today is an important step forward to achieve that." All sides agreed on the importance of moving fast. The Agency expects to field a team of inspectors to Libya this week.


Last update: 26 July 2017