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IAEA Team Confirms Shutdown of DPRK Nuclear Facilities


Following the recent understanding reached between the IAEA and DPRK, an IAEA team arrived at the Yongbyon nuclear site on 14 July 2007 to verify the shutdown of the Yongbyon nuclear facility. The team was informed that the DPRK had on that day shut down the following facilities: the Yongbyon Experimental Nuclear Power Plant No. 1, the Radiochemical Laboratory, the Yongbyon Nuclear Fuel Fabrication Plant, the Yongbyon Nuclear Power Plant No. 2, and the Nuclear Power Plant at Taechon. The IAEA team has been able to confirm that the above five facilities have been shut down. The team applied the necessary seals and other measures as appropriate. The installation of the necessary surveillance and monitoring equipment by the IAEA team is expected to be completed in the next few weeks. "The IAEA´s verification activities are going smoothly with good cooperation from the DPRK," IAEA Director General, Mohamed ElBaradei said. "This is an important step in the right direction but only the first in a long journey."

Last update: 16 Feb 2018

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