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IAEA Director General Reacts to U.S.- India Cooperation Agreement


IAEA Director General, Mohamed ElBaradei has welcomed the US-India agreement to embark on full civil nuclear energy cooperation and to work to enhance nuclear non-proliferation and security.

"Out of the box thinking and active participation by all members of the international community are important if we are to advance nuclear arms control, non-proliferation, safety and security, and tackle new threats such as illicit trafficking in sensitive nuclear technology and the risks of nuclear terrorism," Dr. ElBaradei said.

Dr. ElBaradei has also been urging all countries using nuclear energy to apply the highest safety standards possible. "Making advanced civil nuclear technology available to all countries will contribute to the enhancement of nuclear safety and security," he said.

Dr. ElBaradei said that India´s intention to identify and place all its civilian nuclear facilities under IAEA safeguards and sign and adhere to an Additional Protocol with respect to civilian nuclear facilities is a welcome development. "I have always advocated concrete and practical steps towards the universal application of IAEA safeguards," Dr. ElBaradei said.

Last update: 16 Feb 2018

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