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IAEA Director General Calls for DPRK Restraint 02/48


Dr. ElBaradei called on the DPRK to act with restraint in this tense situation- and not to take any unilateral action that might further complicate the IAEA's ability to determine whether the DPRK's inventory of nuclear material subject to safeguards was complete and correct.

The DPRK's letter requests that the IAEA remove seals and monitoring cameras on all of its nuclear facilities. The Director General said, "it is essential that the containment and surveillance measures which are currently in place continue to be maintained, and that the DPRK not take any steps unilaterally to remove or impede the functioning of such seals or cameras. Any such action," he added, "would not be in compliance with the requirements of the IAEA-DPRK Safeguards Agreement."

Dr. ElBaradei also asked the DPRK to agree to an urgent meeting of technical experts to discuss the practical arrangements involved in moving from the "freeze" to normal safeguards operations, and particularly how the IAEA will fulfil its verification requirements under the IAEA-DPRK Safeguards Agreement.

He called upon all concerned parties to the Agreed Framework to renew their commitment to its terms and to enter into a dialogue aimed at a resolution of the issue by peaceful means. "The Agreed Framework was key to overcoming the 1994 nuclear crisis in DPRK and continues to serve as an important instrument for maintaining peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula," Dr. ElBaradei said. The Agreed Framework was concluded in 1994 with the aim of ensuring that the DPRK comes into full compliance with its safeguards agreement, in return for energy supply to the DPRK, including the provision of two light-water power reactors - the KEDO project.

Pursuant to a 1994 UN Security Council request and in accordance with the Agreed Framework, the IAEA has been monitoring since November 1994 the "freeze" of the DPRK's graphite moderated reactors and related facilities at Nyongbyong. To this end, it has maintained a continuous inspector presence at this site.

Last update: 16 Feb 2018

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