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World Health Sights, Sounds, & Images

WHO´s photo contest focuses on the theme of health and environment; shown here is a woman washing greens from a field. (Photo: E. Reber/IAEA)

The World Health Organization - one of the IAEA´s premier partners in fields of health care and medicine - is looking for good photos and videos to help tell the ""health for all" story. WHO is inviting photographers and video producers worldwide to send in images and films built around the theme of health and environment.

WHO´s announcement says that photographs or short video clips should try to:

  • capture the positive or negative impact of the environment on people´s health and functioning in their day-to-day life;
  • portray how a healthy and enabling environment can prevent or reduce diseases;
  • illustrate how environmental risks such as air pollution, poor sanitation, work-related stress, excessive ultraviolet radiation, chemicals, or built environments (such as streets, buildings, etc.) affect people´s health, and hamper their functioning;
  • show how people and communities protect themselves from environmental risks;
  • portray how people are living in healthy and enabling environments;
  • show how enhanced physical activity and public transport, and/or improved housing environment can make a difference in terms of preventing or reducing diseases.

Photos can be submitted until 9 March 2007 in four categories - colour photographs (digital or prints); black and white photographs (digital or prints); digital art photographs (images created or drastically manipulated by computer software or electronic filters); and (4) short video clips. In each category, prizes will be awarded from US $100 to $1000 US-Dollars.

For competition rules, and further information visit the WHO website.

Last update: 27 Jul 2017


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