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The Office of Legal Affairs addresses the Nuclear Inter Jura Congress 2018

2018 INLA Congress

Peri Lynne Johnson, IAEA Legal Adviser and Director of the IAEA Office of Legal Affairs, delivering remarks at the inaugural session. (Photo: ENEC)

Nuclear law experts from the IAEA participated at the 23rd International Nuclear Law Association (INLA) Congress which was held, from 4 to 8 November in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The Congress is the 23rd in a series of biennial conferences organized by the INLA since 1972, and this time focused on “nuclear cooperation, sustainability, excellence and innovation”.

Peri Lynne Johnson, IAEA Legal Adviser and Director of the IAEA Office of Legal Affairs, delivered remarks at the inaugural session and reflected on recent legal developments at the IAEA highlighting, in particular, the Agency’s current efforts directed at the adherence to the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material (CPPNM) and its amendment, by all countries. Currently, 157 States have adhered to the CPPNM and 118 to its Amendment, which provide for the physical protection of nuclear material in domestic use, storage and transport and of nuclear facilities (more information here).

Ms. Johnson further underlined the IAEA’s Legislative Assistance Programme, noting that it “contributes to international cooperation by raising awareness and training the future generation of lawyers in nuclear law”.

Wolfram Tonhauser, Head of the Nuclear and Treaty Law Section at the IAEA, chaired the session on International Cooperation at the conference, facilitating a thorough exchange of views on various topics regarding cooperation in the nuclear field.

Wolfram Tonhauser, Chair of the International Nuclear Cooperation Session, is introducing Karoly Olajos, Ian Truman, Christelle Drillat, Andrey Shkarbanov, and the Session Secretary, Camille Scotto de Cesar. (Photo: ENEC)


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