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States Urge More Steps to Strengthen IAEA Pillar for Peaceful Nuclear Uses

The IAEA General Conference adopted resolutions 24 September that support measures to further strengthen the IAEA's programmes for technical cooperation and nuclear science and technology.

  • Strengthening of the Agency´s Technical Cooperation Activities. The resolution stresses the importance of nuclear technology to developing countries for advancing their socio-economic development, and of strengthening the IAEA's technical cooperation activities, including provision of sufficient resources. It cites efforts for further improving the scientific, technological, research, and regulatory capabilities in fields of food, health, water resource management, and nuclear energy planning, among others.
  • Strengthening the Agency´s Activities Related to Nuclear Science, Technology & Applications. In endorsing the IAEA's activities for fostering sustainable development, the resolution calls upon States to address specific needs in areas of health, energy, and agriculture where nuclear science and technology play important roles. (See "States Back IAEA Initiatives to Fight Poverty & Save Lives" under Story Resources). It also underscores the importance of preserving and enhancing nuclear knowledge for the safe, secure and peaceful uses of nuclear and radiation technologies. Also stressed was the need for international cooperation in the development of innovative nuclear technology that is safe, proliferation-resistant and economically competitive.

Full texts of resolutions adopted at the 48th General Conference will be posted later.

Last update: 27 July 2017