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Reviewing Nuclear Capability

IAEA-Led Missions Evaluate Nuclear Power Preparedness in Indonesia and Viet Nam

INIR, Viet Nam

Attendees at the first plenary meeting of INIR to Viet Nam (Photo: M. Aoki/IAEA)

The IAEA will be conducting two Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review (INIR) missions in the coming days to review Indonesia´s and Viet Nam´s preparations for introducing nuclear power.

The INIR missions, which help evaluate a country´s nuclear infrastructure status, identify areas where further work is needed. The mission is comprehensive and assesses the effectiveness of the national nuclear power programme planning, as well as safety, security and safeguards.

"The INIR missions are designed to help countries think through their international obligations and national responsibility before making an informed decision to pursue nuclear power," says Anne Starz, the Technical Head for Infrastructure and Planning of IAEA´s Nuclear Power Engineering Section.

Starz, who works closely with countries that are introducing nuclear power, says both Indonesia and Vietnam have been working with the IAEA on considerations about their respective nuclear power programmes.

"Both countries felt that it is a good time to invite international experts to review their programmes and get advice on how to reach the next milestone in developing their nuclear power programmes," she adds.

The guidelines for conducting INIR missions were published in March 2009, and the first INIR mission was conducted in Jordan in August 2009. The IAEA also offers more specific review services, including regulatory reviews and reviews of operational safety.

"Several countries have indicated an interest in hosting IAEA-led INIR missions in the coming year," informs Starz.

The IAEA plays a unique role in providing these evaluations because of its position as an international organisation and a body that has technical expertise from all over the world.

"Countries have confidence that they will get unbiased advice about nuclear power and useful feedback from renowned international experts and Agency staff."

Last update: 27 Jul 2017

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