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RER/4/027 Regional Workshop in Budapest, Hungary

A regional workshop on PLiM/LTO issues of VVER type NPPs, Budapest, Hungary, will be held on 20-23 October, 2008 under RER 4/027 Strengthening Capabilities for Nuclear Power Plant Performance and Service Life Including Engineering Aspects. 12 domestic participants and 13 outside participants will join the workshop. The IAEA will be represented by 4 experts and 2 cost free experts.

The Host organization in Hungary has opened website http://www.rerworkshop.extra.hu/ for the workshop. The website will be useful in transparency and workload effciency as all logistical information and technical material can be uploaded.

This website example serves as a good model that can possibly be used in future regional meetings and workshops.

RER/4/027: PMO Oscar ACUNA and Technical Officer Ki-Sig KANG

Last update: 26 Jul 2017


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