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RER/1/006 Regional Workshop in Athens, Greece

On 13-17 October 2008 a regional workshop was held in Athens, Greece, for RER/1/006 Harmonization Procedures related to Nuclear Analytical Techniques for Characterization and Preservation of Cultural Heritage Artefacts

The workshop reviewed the procedures of nuclear analytical techniques (NATs) for characterization and preservation of cultural heritage artefacts. In particular the following topics were covered:

1. Applicability of selected NATs in the Cultural Heritage (CH) field with emphasis on analytical performance and type of the information obtained

2. Standard operating procedures (or other written procedures/guidelines) for NATs applied for characterization and preservation of CH including sample preparation, analysis, quantification, assessment of uncertainty for both in-situ and laboratory measurements

3.Synergistic use of NATs for comprehensive characterization of CH objects including relevant guidelines and procedures

4. Quality Assurance/Quality Control procedures/schemes for NATs applied in CH field

5. National/international standards related to applications of NATs in support of characterization and preservation of CH objects

6. Harmonization of protocols and procedures

As an output of the workshop a document with the available (harmonized) procedures/protocols for NATs applied in the CH field was produced.

You can find more pictures from the workshop here http://www.mojpla.net/athens2008/

Relevant Documents:

RER/1/006: PMO Mikiko SAWANISHI, TCEU1 and Technical Officer, Dariusz WEGRZYNEK, NAAL PCI

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