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Radwaste Status and Trends

Radwaste Status and Trends: New IAEA Reports On Line

Repositories built deep under the ground are in operation or planned for highly radioactive wastes. The USA approved designation of the Yucca mountain site earlier this year. (Credit: US DOE)

New IAEA reports have come on line covering the global status and trends in the field of radioactive waste management. They include:

  • Radioactive Waste Management: Status and Trends, a 153-page report that updates available information on national systems for radwaste management; sources of radioactive waste; decommissioning wastes; radwaste storage and disposal; and the management of radioactive sources, among other topics. It is the second in a series of publications and contains information on national radioactive waste management programmes, plans and activities, relevant laws and regulations, policies and radioactive waste inventories. More information is on the web pages of the Net Enabled Waste Management Database.
  • Waste Management Research Abstracts, Volume 27, a collection of research summaries planned or in progress in the field of radioactive waste, including activities related to the decommissioning of nuclear facilities and environmental restoration. More information is on the WMRA web pages.

In the coming months, workshops and training sessions on the use and development of the IAEA's waste management database are scheduled at the Vienna International Centre, in the United States, and in the Philippines.

In December, the IAEA is convening an International Conference on Issues and Trends in Radioactive Waste Management at the Agency's headquarters in Vienna 9-13 December. It is being held in cooperation with the European Commission and the Nuclear Energy Agency of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Last update: 27 Jul 2017


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