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Nuclear Energy Side Events at the 61st IAEA General Conference

The IAEA Department of Nuclear Energy (NE) will host six side events and 10 "ESPACE" presentations during the 61st IAEA General Conference (18–22 September 2017).

Our exhibition on "Nuclear Energy for Sustainable Development", on the 1st floor of the M Building, will feature a computer simulation of a nuclear power reactor that any Conference participant can try, from Monday to Thursday at 14:00!

All our events are open to all registered participants of the General Conference, including representatives of the media and NGOs. The list of side events is as follows:

Nuclear Operators Forum: Challenges in Human Resources Management for Sustainable Nuclear Power Generation Generation 

Tuesday, 19 September; 9:00–10:30; Room C4, C Building, 7th floor
The extent to which nuclear energy can achieve its potential of contributing to peace, health and prosperity throughout the world ultimately depends on the availability of competent, qualified and capable human resources. Read more...

Qualified Technical Centres for the Management of Disused Sealed Radioactive Source

Tuesday, 19 September; 9:30–11:00; Room C3, C Building, 7th floor
Most of radioactive waste arising from nuclear applications consists of disused sealed radioactive sources (DSRS). Radioactive sources are used in different devices in medical, industrial and agricultural facilities. Read more...

Nuclear High Temperature Heat for Industrial Processes 

Tuesday, 19 September; 11:30–13:00; Room C4, C Building, 7th floor
The development of high temperature reactors is underpinned not only by its inherent safe design and operating efficiency, but also by its potential use for high-temperature process heat applications. Read more...

Nuclear Energy Innovation and the Paris Agreement

Tuesday, 19 September; 14:30–16:00; Room C4, C Building, 7th floor
Adopted in 2015 by world leaders, the Paris Agreement is aimed at holding the increase in global temperature to below 2°C. All low-carbon energy technologies, including nuclear power, are needed to meet the Paris Agreement goal. Read more...

Decommissioning: Education and Training

Tuesday, 19 September; 16:30–18:00; Room C4, C Building, 7th floor
There is likely to be a significant increase in the number of nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities being shut down during the coming decades, reflecting changing costs of different energy sources, the age profile of the current fleet of reactors, and to facilitate replacement by modern plant designs. Read more…

Future of Nuclear Energy: Engaging the Young Generation  

Wednesday, 20 September; 14:30–16:30; Room C3, C Building, 7th floor
One of the main challenges in nuclear industry is ensuring competent nuclear workforce for the future. This event will present several programmes for training and education of future nuclear professionals developed by the IAEA. It will also provide an opportunity for representatives of nuclear young generation to share their experiences in this area. Read more…


ESPACE presentations and demonstrations 

The Department of Nuclear Energy also will hold a wide range of ad-hoc presentations and demonstrations on the sidelines of the General Conference. The “ESPACE” area in M Building (M0E, ground floor foyer) will highlight 10 hands-on activities of the Department through the week: 

IAEA Energy Planning Tools
Monday, 18 September, 12:30–12:45

Managing Sealed Sources
Tuesday, 19 September, 11:00–11:45

IAEA Activities on Nuclear Power and Macroeconomic Analysis
Tuesday, 19 September, 12:00–12:45 

Nuclear Capacity Building Based on Research Reactors
Tuesday, 19 September, 16:30–17:30 

Strengthening National Nuclear Education Systems — the IAEA ECAP process
Wednesday, 20 September, 11:00–11:45

E-Learning on Spent Fuel and Radioactive Waste Management
Wednesday, 20 September, 12:00–12:45 

Integrated Assessments using Climate, Land, Energy and Water (CLEW)
Wednesday, 20 September, 13:00–14:00

IAEA Support to Member States in HEU Minimization Activities
Wednesday, 20 September, 15:30–16:15 

IAEA E-learning platform — CLP4NET
Thursday, 21 September, 13:00–14:00

Nuclear Management Education — INMA Master’s Programmes
Thursday, 21 September, 15:30–16:15

The schedule is also available on the IAEA Conference and Meetings App.


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