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Mauritania Signs a Country Programme Framework (CPF) for 2020–2025

IAEA Deputy Director General Dazhu Yang signs a Country Programme Framework in a distanced signing ceremony with Shaukat Abdulrazak, Director of the TC Division for Africa (right) and Adeline Djeutie, IAEA Programme Management Officer. (Photo: J Howlett/IAEA)

Ishagh Mohamed Moussa, President of the National Authority of Radiation Protection, Safety and Nuclear Security at the Prime Ministry in Mauritania, and Dazhu Yang, IAEA Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of Technical Cooperation, signed Mauritania’s Country Programme Framework (CPF) for the period of 2020–2025 on 23 November and 12 November 2020, respectively. A CPF is the frame of reference for the medium-term planning of technical cooperation between a Member State and the IAEA and identifies priority areas where the transfer of nuclear technology and technical cooperation resources will be directed to support national development goals.

Mauritania has been an IAEA Member State since 2004. Its 2020–2025 CPF identifies 8 priority areas:

  1. Enhancing capacities in cancer management and increasing public access to quality cancer diagnosis and therapy
  2. Improving the control of malnutrition
  3. Strengthening capacities in food safety monitoring
  4. Enhancing livestock and crop production
  5. Improving capacities to manage water resources, especially in the main aquifers
  6. Increasing access to reliable energy
  7. Strengthening capacities to reduce pollution of the environment, including marine and coastal areas
  8. Strengthening of nuclear and radiation safety, and security in the country.

The document was signed by Ishagh Mohamed Moussa on behalf of the National Authority of Radiation Protection, Safety and Nuclear Security at Mauritania’s Prime Ministry. (Photo: NARPSNS)

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