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Managing Nuclear Knowledge: Multiple Issues Drawing Attention

Senior Officials at June Meeting Urge Action; September Scientific Forum Examines Issues

An IAEA working meeting. (Credit: D.Calma / IAEA)

The changing nuclear workforce is focusing attention on issues of "knowledge management" that could hold repercussions down the line. At the IAEA's upcoming Scientific Forum -- which starts 17 September at the IAEA General Conference in Vienna -- experts from around the world will be reviewing related status and trends at a session on "Managing Nuclear Knowledge". On line registration for the Forum is now open.

From 17-19 June in Vienna, the IAEA hosted a high-level meeting of senior officials -- from academia, government, industry, the IAEA and other relevant organizations -- that examined the emerging issues related to the management of nuclear knowledge. The meeting was called to raise awareness and understanding among countries, to share national and international experience, and to recommend steps forward. Reports on the meeting are accessible on the IAEA's web pages on knowledge management.

In recent years, a number of IAEA advisory committees, as well as the IAEA Board of Governors and General Conference, have called for measures to better identify the nature and scope of the problem, to understand what Member States are doing to address it, and to determine what co-operative international actions might be appropriate.

Last update: 27 July 2017