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Investing in Youth: IAEA, International Youth Nuclear Congress Sign Agreement


Participants of the International Youth Nuclear Congress and 26th Women in Nuclear Global Conference’s annual meeting in Barilloche, Argentina, on 12 March 2018. More of these youngsters will have access to IAEA services thanks to an agreement signed in February 2018 on coordination and collaboration. (Photo: IYNCWiN 2018)

To motivate young people to study and opt for careers in nuclear science and technology, the IAEA and the International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC) have agreed to strengthen their collaboration. An  agreement, signed on 28 February, calls for joint work in various outreach initiatives related to climate change, innovation and knowledge transfer in nuclear technologies.

The agreement adds to the IAEA’s list of practical arrangements the IAEA has with various universities, research institutes, governments and international organizations that help boost the number of young people opting for careers in nuclear science.

“This partnership will increase the IAEA’s engagement with young professionals to ensure their participation in collaborative activities and events,” said Mikhail Chudakov, IAEA Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of Nuclear Energy. “This includes side events at major international conferences, workshops and related IAEA activities targeting professional development.”

The extent to which nuclear energy can achieve its potential of contributing to peace, health and prosperity throughout the world ultimately depends on the availability of competent, qualified and capable staff. Many of the personnel currently operating and maintaining power plants are reaching retirement age. This ageing workforce, coupled with several countries launching nuclear power programmes, underlines the importance of attracting, training, and transferring knowledge to the next generation of nuclear professionals.

IYNC is a global network of young professionals in the nuclear field dedicated to promoting peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology. The organization aims to transfer knowledge from the current generation of leading scientists and engineers to the next, all while developing new approaches to communicate the benefits of nuclear power.

Planned outreach efforts with the IYNC, outlined in the signed Practical Arrangements, include, among others:

  • Mutual coordination of activities in the Conference of Parties (COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the associated Conference of Youth (COY)
  • Collaboration in the organization of the Innovation for Nuclear (I4N) international innovation contest
  • Mutual development and coordination of various projects in nuclear technologies and applications
  • Participation of IAEA speakers at the bi-annual IYNC conference 


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