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Improving Groundwater Management through Isotopes in Lebanon

Preparation Of the samples for Electrolysis

Preparation Of the samples for Electrolysis

The Agency has been assisting Lebanon through the TC project LEB/8/004 Improvement of Groundwater Management and Protection through the Use of Isotopes and Nuclear Techniques, to establish a laboratory that is capable of using nuclear techniques for the study and management of water resources through the use of isotope techniques. Through the TC project national capacity has been developed through training and hydrology laboratory establishment which is capable of carrying various analysis including tritium and C-14.

The capacity that has been built through the TC project will contribute to:

  • the development of a water management framework;
  • addressing issues related to water shortage;
  • overexploitation;
  • management and rapid quality deterioration;
  • evaluation of water sources;
  • recharge rates and renewal of groundwater reservoirs etc.

[Contributed by Mahfoudh Abdullah]

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Last update: 26 Jul 2017

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