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IAEA Welcomes New INLEX Members

19th INLEX Meeting

19th INLEX Meeting taking place in Vienna/Austria. (Photo: Z. Liu/IAEA)

The International Expert Group on Nuclear Liability (INLEX), established in 2003 as an advisory body to the IAEA Director General and Director of the Office of Legal Affairs, gathered for its 19th Meeting from 14 to 16 May 2019. This meeting was the first to be held under the recently adopted revised terms of reference. Peri Lynne Johnson, IAEA Legal Adviser and Director of the Office of Legal Affairs, welcomed the new INLEX members noting the importance of recognised expertise in the nuclear liability area.

During the meeting, individual members reported on the most recent developments in the field of civil liability for nuclear damage. The Group also discussed a broad range liability issues regarding compensation amounts and reciprocity, transportable nuclear power plants, cyber-attacks, as well as nuclear fusion installations.

INLEX consists of expert members from IAEA Member States with and without operating nuclear power plants and serves as a forum of expertise to advise on all issues relating to civil liability for nuclear damage taking into consideration the instruments adopted under the IAEA auspices as well as the international nuclear liability regime as a whole. INLEX also assists the IAEA Secretariat in developing explanatory texts, training materials and conducting outreach activities in the field such as the Workshops on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage for interested Member States.

INLEX Recommendations on how to facilitate achievement of a global nuclear liability regime, and the revised edition of The 1997 Vienna Convention on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage and the 1997 Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage – Explanatory Texts are available on the Office of Legal Affairs’ dedicated INLEX website.

Peri L. Johnson, Legal Adviser and Director, together with INLEX members and staff of the Office of Legal Affairs. (Photo: Z. Liu/IAEA)


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