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IAEA Reviews Dutch Nuclear Safety Guidelines

The draft of the Safety Report is being handed over to the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs at the close of the meeting.

Dutch Safety Requirements for nuclear reactors will now be more closely aligned with international and IAEA Safety Standards.

Following a comprehensive review in April, May and June 2013, the IAEA formulated a report suggesting areas for further improvement in the new regulatory document Safety Requirements for Nuclear Reactors: Fundamental Safety Requirements, also known as the Dutch Safety Requirements (DSR).

The Government of The Netherlands requested the review.

During the review the IAEA consulted with the Ministry of Economic Affairs in The Hague, and experts from the "Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit", a German technical support organisation for nuclear safety that was involved in the preparation of the Dutch Safety Requirements.

Peter Hughes, Head of the IAEA Safety Assessment Section, in the Department of Nuclear Safety and Security, said, "The IAEA recognises that Dutch nuclear authorities and their collaborating agencies have made considerable effort to develop the DSR, and that the discussions between the IAEA and these organisations have been conducted in a positive way, with active, engaged participation by all involved. The IAEA also recognises that the Ministry of Economic Affairs is truly committed to addressing the findings and recommendations made in the report."

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