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IAEA Launches New E-Learning


The IAEA has created e-learning program designed to provide continuing education to medical imaging professionals in safety and quality in computed tomography (CT).

"Radiation dose management in CT" provides continuing education to health professionals on the safe and effective use of computed tomography (CT). This e-learning course explores the technical applications of patient radiation protection in CT imaging and is available to participants all around the world.

Specific topics covered in this course include justification and optimization of radiation dose, overviews of referral guidelines, explanations of the technical parameters of CT scanning, dose metrics, and specific CT protocols for body regions and for patients particularly vulnerable to radiation risk.

The course is organized into eleven modules, each with a short series of questions at the end. These questions are provided as a self-check for participants to review their own understanding of the material.

Throughout this e-learning course the participants are expected to:

  • Learn the appropriate use of CT and be able to apply this understanding in a clinical setting;
  • Understand the dose reduction potential of various CT  scan parameters, automatic exposure control, reconstruction algorithms and other CT techniques;
  • Understand different dose metrics for CT and learn how radiation dose tracking methods can be used;
  • Address the unique needs of various CT protocols, including those for chest, abdomen, and head, as well as those for pregnant or paediatric patients;
  • The estimated time for the entire course is 5 hours maximum. After completing the course, participants can take the final exam to receive a certificate of attendance. This e-learning course is provided in English.

If you wish to receive a certificate:

  1. Register with NUCLEUS
  2. Confirm the email link received after your registration
  3. Once your IAEA Nucleus account is activated, click on http://elearning.iaea.org/m2/enrol/index.php?id=389
  4. Enroll yourself in the course
  5. After viewing the material, take the final quiz consisting of 26 questions. If you answer correctly at least 80%, you can obtain a certificate of completion.


Last update: 27 Jan 2020

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