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IAEA Issues Annual Report for 2013

Annual Report for 2013

The IAEA's wide range of technical and scientific activities being carried out in continued support of the needs of its Member States, and a review of developments related to nuclear issues are among the highlights of the recently-released Annual Report for 2013.

The report provides information on developments in 2013 related to the Agency's work and programmes focusing, in a balanced manner, on nuclear technology and its applications, nuclear safety and security, nuclear verification, and technical cooperation.

The yearly report presents the up-to-date situation regarding nuclear power, the application of nuclear related techniques in food and agriculture, human health, water resources management and environment monitoring, the Agency's efforts to strengthen the global nuclear safety culture and enhance nuclear security, and the implementation of Agency safeguards. Also highlighted are the Agency's outreach to its stakeholders and partners in Member States to gain a better understanding of their needs so as to ensure a more efficient and effective response.

The Annual Report is among the main documents submitted to the IAEA General Conference when it convenes in Vienna, beginning 22 September 2014. Other annual information documents on the IAEA's work submitted to the IAEA General Conference include the Nuclear Safety ReviewNuclear Technology Review, the Technical Cooperation Report, etc.

To view the Annual Report and other reports online please visit the IAEA Publications section.

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