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IAEA Appointments

The Director General has announced new appointments to senior positions at the Agency:

Mr. Tomihiro Taniguchi, from Japan, as Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of Nuclear Safety, effective 30 August 2001.

Mr. Wei Lei, from Australia, as Director of the Division of Information Technology, Department of Management, effective 6 September 2001.

Mr. Magnus Olafsson, from Iceland, as Director of the Division of Conference and Document Services, Department of Management, effective 3 September 2001.

Mr. Gustavo Zlauvinen, from Argentina, as Representative of the Director General to the United Nations, New York Office of External Relations &Policy Co-ordination, Office of the Director General, effective 4 September 2001.

Mr. Graham Andrew, from the United Kingdom, as Special Assistant to the Director General for Scientific and Technical Affairs, effective 3 September 2001.

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