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General Conference Day 5 Highlights


Delegates at the ninth Regulatory Cooperation Forum meeting. (Photo: F. Nassif/IAEA)

On the final day of the weeklong 62nd IAEA General Conference, a number of resolutions were adopted to further strengthen the IAEA’s work in the areas of nuclear science and technology, safety, security, safeguards and technical cooperation. See this article summarizing the resolutions.

The following side events took place on Friday:

At the ninth IAEA Regulatory Cooperation Forum (RCF) plenary meeting, delegates discussed the strengthening drafting and revising of nuclear safety regulations and heard the experiences of Belarus, Pakistan and Japan in developing safety regulations at nuclear power plants.

Delegates learned about a new start in the Brazilian nuclear medicine program at a side event organized by the country’s delegation. They provided an overview of the current status of nuclear medicine in Brazil, including. They learned about the program and its impact on Brazilian society, as well as the cooperation in this field with other countries in Latin America and beyond.

Other activities

IAEA and Argentina

The President of Argentina’s Nuclear Regulatory Authority (ARN) Nestor Masriera (second on left), Ambassador Rafael M. Grossi ( centre left), Minister Maria L. Melon of the Argentine Permanent Mission (first on left) as well as A. Gonzales from the ARN (last on left) and Juan Carlos Lentijo (centre right), IAEA Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of Nuclear Safety and Security and his senior staff,  discussed the progress and implementation of a cooperative project between the IAEA and ARN on the development of a harmonized approach for managing radionuclide activity concentrations in food and non-food commodities. This collaboration may assist Argentina and possibly other countries when establishing or reviewing regulations in this area.


Last update: 21 Sep 2018


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