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Egypt Upgrades Physical Protection Security at Egyptian Research Reactors with IAEA Support


Egyptian and IAEA officials during a meeting held in April 2018 to review progress in an IAEA-supported project that improved physical protection at Egypt’s research reactors. (Photo: IAEA)

Egyptian authorities have installed security systems and physical protection upgrades at the country’s two research reactors, ETRRR1 and ETRR2, marking a milestone in a project supported by the IAEA.

The project, which started in 2015, enhances the nuclear security infrastructure and builds capacity to support Egypt’s security-related preparations for its planned nuclear power programme.

Achievements of the project’s first phase, which ended earlier this year, also included strengthened national capacity in project management and physical protection as well as enhanced technical competences in the national organizations, said Muhammad Khaliq, Head of the IAEA Nuclear Security of Materials and Facilities Section.

“The IAEA has assisted and will continue to assist Egyptian national authorities in strengthening its nuclear security related regulatory functions, including in the development of regulations and regulatory guides,” he said.  

In the next project stage, which started this year and concludes in 2021, the IAEA will provide further support to Egypt in enhancing physical protection at a radioisotope facility and a fuel manufacturing plant.  The project will also assist in strengthening security measures and systems as needed at radiation facilities using radioactive sources.

The IAEA also will support Egypt in establishing a Nuclear Security Support Centre at the premises of the Egyptian Nuclear and Radiological Authority (ENRRA). The Centre will provide training and technical and scientific support to Egypt’s national stakeholders with nuclear responsibilities.

As part of Egypt’s Integrated Nuclear Security Support Plan, the IAEA will assist Egypt as it works to enhance and maintain its national nuclear security regime. The support will be focused on five main functional areas: legislative and regulatory framework, prevention, detection, response and sustainability.

Last update: 18 Sep 2018

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