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Dr. ElBaradei Focuses on Global Security Challenges, Opportunities

Mohamed ElBaradei and King  Albert II of Belgium

King Albert II of Belgium and Dr. ElBaradei in Brussels in February 2007. Dr. ElBaradei´s official visit included Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, Switzerland, and Great Britain. (Photo: Yves Herman/Reuters)

IAEA Director General ElBaradei is speaking to university students, leaders, and other guests in Basel, Dublin, and London this month on the challenges of global security.

  • On 14 February in Switzerland, Dr. ElBaradei is scheduled to deliver the Nobel Lecture at the University Basel on security challenges and opportunities. The university´s "Lectures of Nobel Prize Winners" is a series jointly organised by the university´s Biozentrum and Novartis International.
  • On 15 February in Dublin, Dr. ElBaradei speaks at Trinity College, University Philosophical Society, a student reading and debating society. He will be presented with the award of Honorary Patron of the Society.
  • On 19 February in London, Dr. ElBaradei addresses students, faculty, and distinguished guests at the London School of Economics and Political Science. The event is hosted jointly by LSE´s Centre for the Study of Global Governance, Development Studies Institute, Department of International Relations and the Ralph Miliband Programme and supported by LSE´s Annual Fund.

In his remarks on security, Dr. ElBaradei addresses issues in a broad global context, one that adds energy security and human security to traditional concepts of security based on military confrontation or economic superiority. He will review nuclear issues relevant to the IAEA´s mandate, among them preventing the spread of nuclear weapons, reducing existing nuclear stockpiles, and making the humanitarian benefits of nuclear technology more widely available.

Last update: 27 July 2017