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Dr. ElBaradei Calls for "Timeout" on Iran Nuclear Issue

IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei on CNN.

In an interview with CNN among other international media in Davos 26 January, IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei called for a "timeout regarding the Iranian nuclear issue", saying he hoped talks could resume on the matter. He said the timeout would apply to both Iran´s nuclear programme and the UN Security Council sanctions that took effect last month.

"I call on all parties to take a simultaneous timeout," Dr. ElBaradei said. "Iran should take a timeout from its enrichment activity, the international community a timeout from the application of sanctions, and parties should go immediately to the negotiating table."

Dr. ElBaradei said he hoped to be able to report positively to the Agency´s Board of Governors on the implementation of nuclear safeguards in Iran. The Board meets on Iran and other topics at sessions beginning 5 March at IAEA headquarters in Vienna.

"I´d like to report we´re on the right track," he said in the CNN interview. "The right track is dialogue, negotiation... The key to the Iranian issue is a direct engagement between Iran and the US."

See Story Resources for a link to the full interview and story on CNN.


Last update: 29 Nov 2019

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